Selkirk Maintenance Sect. 1, 2, Add. A Members Meeting


Selkirk Maintenance Sections 1, 2, and Addition A, Inc.


The Board of Directors of Selkirk Maintenance Sect. I, II, and Addition A, Inc./Improvement Committee, a non-profit corporation, located in the community of Selkirk Island in Matagorda County, Texas hereby gives notice in accordance with the Open Meetings Act, that the quarterly board meeting is to be held at the Selkirk Island Volunteer Fire Station, 1203 County Road 243, Bay City, Texas Sunday, March 13, 2022, at 2:00 PM.  The purpose of the meeting:



  1. Welcome to Meeting and Sign in;


  1. Call to order with a quorum-Social Distancing; Start Time: _________pm


  1. Read and approve minutes from January Meeting-Motion/Vote


  1. Introduce Visitors and Directors


  1. Read and approve with motion/vote the Treasurer’s report for each section from Bank

Statements as of Jan. 31, 2022


  1. Unfinished business
  • Vote to accept elected Board.
  •  Election of officers by Board
  • Mowing report
  • Deed Restrictions- Unpaid dues, unmaintained lots, Letters
  • Recreation Committee members approval with motion/vote for 2022

7. New Business

  • Review and approve with motion/vote of draft documents prepared by Treece Law Firm to bring the HOA in compliance with current Texas statutory requirements
  • Review and approve with motion/vote Treece Law Firm fee schedule
  • Discussion of possible ACC members
  • Discussion of request by Jim Quimby for construction of pavilion to block view of water well in recreation area
  • Any other Business


  1. Pay/Paid bills- Electric (Reliant), Legal fees ( Treece Law)


  1. Announcements: Next meeting-Sunday, June 12, 2022


  1. Adjournment with Motion/Vote; Time: ______pm




Selkirk Water Supply Corporation Regular Business Meeting March 11, 2022 after Annual Meeting

Notice and Agenda

Selkirk Water Supply Corporation Bi-Monthly Meeting

Posting Date on or before – March 8, 2022


The Board of Directors of Selkirk Water Supply Corporation, a non-profit corporation organized under Texas Water Code Chapter 67, located in the community of Selkirk Island in Matagorda County, Texas hereby gives notice in accordance with the Texas Government Code, section 551 et seq, that the board meeting is to be held at the Selkirk Island Volunteer Fire Station, 1203 County Road 243, Bay City, Texas on Friday, March 11, 2022 —Following the Annual Meeting at 6 PM..


Due to Covid numbers rising the Board is offering ZOOM, as well as IN PERSON, for those interested. This is the link to join the Zoom meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 950 514 9496

Passcode: P5u732

  1.   Meeting Called to Order by President Karen Crain; Quorum
  2.  Seating of new Board of Directors
  3.  Election of Officers for 2022
  4. Visitors introduced if not during Annual Meeting
  5. Approve January 14, 2022 Minutes as sent to Directors
  6. Operator’s Reports and Board questions
  • Jobs completed per Board demand by Email; Curb stop installed and broken pipe on Customer side
  • Update on Issues with well #2- still leaking from freeze; Sherrill Mercer (electrical) needed;
  • Testing site for E coli and Coli-form sampling was changed on DWW to Flush point on December post; DWW post shows Testing at 605 CR 243 for 6 consecutive months
  • Willie’s input on Emergency Preparedness Plan;
  • Research of Total water pumped exceeded 2 million gallons; 33.82% loss for Feb
  • Evan Kirkpatrick winterized our sites prior to February freezes
  • Lead and Copper Sampling changes if any-Karen and Debbie
  1. Tank Inspections due 2022 (ev 5 years) 2 Proposals; Vote; can book inspections in Sept.
  • Ron Perrin $1327.00 Pam #817-377-4899
  • US Underwater $2900.00
  1.   Office Manager Reports (emailed for prior review)
  • RVS; Past Due; Water loss for Oct. 14.58%; for Nov. 9.14%; for Dec 14.18%; for Jan 18.86%; and for Feb.33.82 %
  • Financial Spreadsheet;
  • Report on other Operator jobs; See list sent to Board on 3.4.22
  • Reports Filed: CPA info supplied, Tax forms completed by CPA and paid for; Tier II (3-1);Water Use Survey (3-1); CPA report; List of contact numbers for Emergency Contact to Hyper-Reach- completed training-Barbara, Karen and Debbie;
  • Seven meters rechecked as input into RVS flagged-4 incorrect readings;
  • Discussion on Barbara’s contract duties; Extra hours

9.  Treasury balances-verified by Bank Statements by Debbie

  1. Discussion on Operator interviews conducted by appointed committee; Present

Operator’s name is on the EPP submission form.

  1. Barbara’s formal resignation 5.31.2022; Plans for new hire


  1. Update for Emergency Preparedness Plan -Due end of Feb –Correction
  • County Commissioners’ Court Meeting Feb 7
  • Land needed for placement of Generator, pad, etc.; Discussion with HOA/Rec. Comm. and attorney for legal paperwork; survey
  • Drought Contingency Plan incorporated into EPP


13. Update on Emergency Notification Software; Contact person Chris Linsner-Cartright (cell #  585.451.2727); Implemented 3.1.2022- Start date for one year; SWSC can have additional trainings for new office manager or whoever is in charge of sending notices.


  1.  Recommendations on Budget Proposal from Officers as emailed for 2022; Vote

15.   Round Table Discussions- Quench Magazine 5 person receives for free- Walter, Harley,  Debbie,   Karen and Margaret;   Update to  or 512-472-8591

16.   Next Regular Meeting—May 13, 2022 at 6pm

17.   Future agenda items: Need to update our Monitoring plan and Operations Manual; Tariff Update-if fees change;

  1.  Adjournment