FEMA Map Update

Message from Ken Savage:

I have been in discussions regarding the new FEMA flood plan with G&W engineers (surveyors), which has the capacity to affect many  of us.  Their local number is 323-7100. Henry is the the individual I have been talking to.

He has given me an estimate of $150.00 dollars each for three of us to have our property’s elevation verified. This price will go down somewhat if more people want the same service and can be done at the same time. This is the first step in applying for a revision to your property’s inclusion in the new flood zone. This is only a preliminary elevation shot, but it will determine if the elevation reflected on the new map is accurate. If it shows that the FEMA map is accurate, there is probably not much you can do. If however your property is higher than their map indicates, you may have some recourse. This would require a certified plat of your property reflecting the actual elevation and where the flood zone line actually is on your property. If you live on the river some of your property will most likely be in the flood zone. FEMA has a form, including the survey, that he will have to complete and submit. He has estimated the cost for this additional work to be between $700.00 and $750.00 dollars each. This price may also be reduced somewhat depending on the number of homes that want this service. I expect them to be out next week to check my property as well as Gerry Turner’s and Bill Aber’s. We still have plenty of time, months even, to address this matter.
I will let you know what we discover after the elevation check. If this is something you are interested in give them a call or contact me.