Selkirk Maintenance Section I, II, and Addition A, Inc./Improvement Committee

Attention Owners:

After the meeting on Sunday (3-4-2018), the Board would like to clarify document language to avoid misunderstandings.

The Selkirk Maintenance Section I, II, and Addition A, Inc.  is a Non-profit corporation registered with the State of Texas. It is governed by our Articles of Incorporation (1992). This document requires nine Board of Directors (three from each section) to be elected and have the power to “receive and maintain funds for the operating of the maintenance and improvement of the subdivision.” The three sections also have governing Deed Restrictions (est. in the 1970s) which; requires three members from each section elected and having the same powers recorded. This committee is called the “Improvement Committee”. Over the years with many different Boards elected, the wording for the “Board of Directors” and “Improvement Committee” has become interchangeable BUT represents the same entity with the same governing powers. This Board/Committee, as well as past Boards, has striven vigorously to follow the rules of both governing documents as our fiduciary duty requires. We ALL (Board and Owners) continue to try to work together for the betterment of the subdivision. The 2018 additional fee requested to offset legal fees was generously successful. Approximately 128 owners contributed and a few owners donated more. Thank you so much for your desire to keep the HOA is good standing. Please feel welcome to attend the quarterly meetings. The next scheduled meeting is Sunday, June 10. Notice will be posted on this site.

Again, thank you so much for your donations!!!!


Board of Directors for Selkirk Maintenance Section I, II, Add. A, Inc./Improvement Committee