Selkirk Water Supply Corporation, Inc.


Notice of Meeting

Selkirk Water Supply Corporation

March 24, 2017


The Board of Directors of Selkirk Water Supply Corporation, a non-profit corporation organized under Texas Water Code Chapter 67, located in the community of Selkirk Island in Matagorda County, Texas herby gives notice in accordance with the Texas Government Code, section 551 et seq, that the board meeting is to be held at the Selkirk Island Volunteer Fire Station, 1203 County Road 243, Bay City, Texas Friday, March 24, 2017 at 7:00 PM.  The purpose of the meeting:

Agenda for Annual Members’ Meeting:

Meeting called to order by President Harley Aaron; Quorum present; All sign in and ‘Note’ if want to address board.

  1. Reading of the 2016 Annual meeting minutes
  2. Harley reads the Resolution approving board members up for reelection.
  3.  Update on yearly reports;

            a. System update

            b. Operations report

            c. Financial report for the year summarized; Budget/Rate report reviewed

  1. Open Public Forum; 10 minute & with sign in
  2. Adjournment at_______pm. Next annual meeting March 2018


Regular Business Meeting and Election of Board Officers for 2017-2018

Agenda for March 24, 2017:

1. Meeting called to order by President Harley Aaron; Quorum; all sign in

2. Election of board officers for 2017 by Board

3. Appoint credentials committee for next Annual; Lee and John up for re-election in  2018

4. Approval of Feb 3, 2017 meeting minutes as sent to Directors

5. Financial report for Feb.

6. Monthly operations report(Feb previously mailed to board)

7. Check writing practices discussion only

8. Owners/Renter update on billing changes. All owners have agreed to changes but  one.

9. CSI update. Board volunteer needed to coordinate until practice becomes routine.

10. Well #3 Report; Approval of storage building at well #3.

11. Approval to change our PO Box to Wadsworth for convenience and saving of sales tax.

12. Open Forum

13. Executive Meeting as needed

14. Future agenda items

15. Next meeting is Friday, May 12, 2017 at 7pm at the fire station.

16. Adjournment____________pm.


Harley Aaron, President for SWSC

Debbie Pilcik. Sec./Treasurer for SWSC